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Phillip warmington

Born August 13 1973

From Baileston dist.Spalding P.O….Clarendon, Jamaica W.I

Grew up with great grandmother

Went to New York to live with mother at the age of 13, Already inspired at the age of 13, had sang in his primary school graduation, acting in Church plays…Had developed an ambition to be an actor, with the freedom of living in NYC with endless opportunities would push his artistic abilities…At the age of 14 he would learn that his mother in an author of a book , would asure his natural talents

In 1997 .. Phillip warmington was introduced by Frankie Paul to Barrington Bailey and Sidney Mills as Family and recorded his first single ” what would this world be ” in elaboration with Bugzi legen and legendary FP … Warmington aka. Papa Lova was introduced to New Creation Records by Nardo Ranks where he signed his first recording contract…

A new family was made… a new place was found Atlanta Georgia .After returning to NY Phillip warmington would extend his horizon by writing his first Feature Film M.A.D.E IN NEW YORK… with the struggles and staying ambitious put his New York project on hold… wrote a new movie called Illegal Activities…watch it on Jamaicanmovie.com would premiere his first movie with a clapping and standing ovation …

Truly inspired he returned to NYC to film M.A.D.E IN NEW MOVIE a Jamaican story… in corporation with Rocket entertainment with CEO Princess Zambia, Phillip warmington premiered his second movie with a standing ovation in New York at the Bombay theater in Queens… staying motivated he is currently in Atlanta Georgia filming his 3th movie DEBBRA AND THE JAMAICAN PIMP… Warmington is the Writer, Director, Producer, Creamer, Editor, recording artist, Performing arts, visual arts, actor and the Producer of Illegal Activities and Made In New York Movie soundtracks..watch Made in New York movie on Amazon Prime , Jamaicanmovies.com

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